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Tracy Joanne Mitchell (Nee Leak)

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On 9th November 2016 peacefully at St James' Hospital, Tracy aged 51 years of Beeston. Dearly loved wife of Nigel, much loved mum of Abi, Josh and Issy, special daughter of John and Freda a devoted nanny to princess Ada, (nanny's girl), a loving sister, sister-in-law and friend to many.


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Thu Nov 2016
Thank you to our beautiful daughter Tracy for enriching our lives with so much love and happiness. We are so proud of you and your beautiful family - Abigail Joshua and Isabelle, and also our great granddaughter Ada Faith. Special thank you to Tracy's husband Nigel for looking after our daughter and your family, you are amazing and we are proud to have you as our son in law. Tracy, you fought so bravely and were an inspiration to everyone you met. Everyone's friend, Everyone's mum. We will miss you so much. Rest in Peace sweetheart. Your heartbroken mum and dad. xx
Tue Nov 2016
Today we lay you to rest for the final time mum, not a day goes by where I'm not thinking of you and expecting you to pop through the door shouting over something! It's not going to be a sad day we will remember you with smiles and laughter. Sleep tight love you loads xxxxxxxxx
Tue Nov 2016
Mum, I have never admired someone quite as much as I do you. You are the strongest woman I have ever met and I feel so lucky that you are my mum. I have never seen any one as brave or as incredible as you. You are my best friend and always will be- I will try and do you proud forever. Sleep tight mum. I love you always xxx
Wed Nov 2016
Yesterday we said farewell but not goodbye to Tracy. She is quite simply the best sister I could have ever hoped for and the perfect and much loved aunty to Seth and Rafe. You made the world a better, kinder, more loving and colourful place, and your influence will be with us all always. We will remember and love you forever. Xxxx
Jess Hundal
Sun Dec 2016
Tracy, I think about you all the time. I remember meeting you and Abi for a cuppa and we always had a good natter! I admire your determination and strength and I will never forget you. Thank you for giving me the bestest friend in Abi and the most beautiful goddaughter in Ada Princess. I promise you I will always look after them. Rest in peace lovely Tracy ❤ All my love Jess xxxxx
Sun Dec 2016
Tracy was the most generous, loving, giving person you could know. She would always check in on me, worry about me and make sure I was okay. I would get a text saying 'u ok luv x' most weeks while I was away at uni. Followed by a text saying 'got loads of meals in the freezer for you'. I have so many fond memories of our time as a family. I feel so so lucky to have grown up with you so close and I will be forever grateful for everything you have done for me Trace. I think about you everyday and feel a deep, sad pain when I do. We all love you so much and will continue to love you for the rest of our lives x I could go on and on about how amazing you are and how much we all miss you but you know that it's unconditional and that your leaving has left a massive hole in so many lives. Love you always trace xxx
Sun Dec 2016
When I was a little baby on my first Christmas Tracy sent me a letter from Santa and she posted it on Christmas Eve so it was there for me on Christmas. Tracy was a lovely lady and she never put herself first she always put everyone else before her. We always used to bump into Tracy and Nigel in the street and we'd always have a quick conversation. Tracy was such a kind,lovely and generous woman. It's always the good and kind people that sadly get taken away. Always here for Nigel,josh,Abi and izzy anytime you kneed someone or something. Sending my love to you all. R.I.P Tracy you're been and will forever be missed
Sun Dec 2016
Although you are my Aunty, we are very close in age and more like a very special friend. Although I moved away and didn't see you often you were often in my thoughts. You and our Nigel will always be dear to me. You will be sadly missed. I'm just sorry we never got to have that coffee and that crafty get together we always promised. Sleep tight lovely lady. Love always Julie xxxxx
Sun Dec 2016
It's so nice to be able to share this with you Trace...It's just a short message for my lovely memories of a fantastic cousin. . I am not upset to share this because it makes me smile. . I have loads of fab memories to treasure . You were an absolute gem and I will never forget how kind you were to everyone. .. We certainly had lots n lots of fun . Lots a lovely breakfasts sat chatting and laughing about our old antics... Loads a love and kisses from us to you. Did u catch them Mrs Mitchell...
Carolyn and Dave
Mon Dec 2016
My beautiful friend. I know we didn't know you as long as other people but your and Nigel's friendship meant so much to us and still does. I am sending Nigel a Christmas cake today! and will keep our promise to go back to Edinburgh. We think of you and the family all the time. We have wonderful memories of our times spent together. and will create new ones with Nigel as we know that's what you would want. Love you always Tracy and wherever you are don't get your tinsel in a tangle xxx
Kelly Brook
Mon Dec 2016
When Amber, Mollie and Daisy were young I remember Tracy and Abi knocking on the door (near Christmas) with letters from Santa. How lovely to think of our girls and do this. It's something We will always remember. Tracy you will be missed always xxxx
Mon Dec 2016
You was an amazing woman Tracey. When i had Phoebe you always made a fuss of her when we bumped into you and always wished her a happy birthday and christmas like she was part of your family. I have 2 very special knitted hedgehogs that you made for me and Phoebe and you did them out of the goodness of your heart. I will make sure i tell Phoebe about the wonderful woman who made it for her and you will never be forgotten about.
Wed Dec 2016
Missus words can't explain how much ure emotional support meant to me especially when you had ure own battle to deal with. You was there for me when people I thought were friends weren't u are an amazing woman who will be missed every day love u lots x
Mon Dec 2016
Merry Christmas mum, It's a day late sorry! It's been a funny few days which I'm sure you will know and will have been here with us for it all! We missed you Christmas Eve, you would have laughed at everyone putting Ada's toys together! Dad said it took him back to when we were little. Christmas morning was a funny one, you would have loved to see Ada's reaction to coming down to see all of her presents. She loves the drum kit (surprise!) and her little kitchen! She's a bit unsure of the belly button doll although she loves to feed him from her tea trolley! She will always know that he was chosen specially for her by you! We will treasure every gift from this year more so as they're all what you chose! We missed you at dinner but your princess stole the show and sat at the head of the table like the queen! I know you've been with us and have been watching over us all ! We raised a glass at dinner and will no doubt be repeating that several times over the coming days. The sad news about George Michael today got me but then I had a smile as I thought you could get him to serenade you up there! Sleep tight mum love you loads and miss you always. Your biggest baby girl xxxxxxx
Sun Jan 2017
Trace, sorry this message is late on, but wanted to wait until a while after the funeral because I wanted you to know I still think about you every single day. Always imagining you walking in when I'm round at my mamas with your bag on your shoulder and gasses on top of your head. Ive read Abis post above and I am sure you were there with them all on Christmas Day and the days around. I imagine you are very proud of them All because I know we all are they are a massive credit to you. We had every one round to say goodbye to Megan going back to the US on Saturday and I bet you were there too. I continue to miss you every day, and I'll continue to be there for nige Abi josh and issy WHENEVER they need anything. Hope you saw the Angels Jeanette got everyone for their Christmas trees in memory of you, they will be up every year. Love and miss you so much auntie Tracey xxxxxxxx
Wed Feb 2017
Just watching the Brit Awards and the George Michael tribute broke me! I hope up he's singing to you up there I know how much you'd have loved to see him! All I wanted to do when it came on was to message you about it! I laughed to rob and said I know for a fact you'd have been sat at home crying at it too! Miss you so much love you always xxxxxx
Fri Mar 2017
Happy Birthday mum! I hope you're having a lovely day up there celebrating and have a few fun and tonics! We've done our best for you down here today.. I know you were with me and issy in the pictures this morning as we had planned to go the three of us.. I wish we could get you back for even one hour just for a chat and a cuppa! I love you so much and miss you more each day xxxxxxxx